Our dedicated, aggressive, and experienced Dallas DWI lawyer, Murray L. Bristol, regularly consults and retains experts in the defense of DWI cases.

Murray has used retired police officers to discuss the improper administration of SFST to PHD experts who understand how alcohol affects individuals, and therefore how the blood and breath test results do not match with the way the person appears normal on the video, or how the administration of the breath or blood test was done improperly and caused the blood alcohol content to be erroneous.

Murray has also consulted with retired DPS technical supervisor experts who can review the breath testing results of arresting officers to determine how many people were arrested but later determine to have a blood alcohol content of less than .08.  Furthermore, a DWI expert witness can determine if the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test instrument was operating properly at the time the arrested person took the test.

It is very important to discuss with your criminal defense lawyer whether you need the services of a DWI expert witness.  Sometimes this can make the difference in convincing the prosecution or jury that the State cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had a BAC of .08 or above or the loss the normal use of your mental or physical faculties by the introduction of alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two.

If you would like to speak to Murray L. Bristol about your DWI case and whether an expert witness would be useful in your defense, call him at (214) 880-9988, or use the contact form on this website, and he will contact you promptly for a free consultation.