Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence cases occur on a routine basis in Frisco. If you were arrested and agreed to a blood or breath test, opted for the standardized field sobriety tests, chose to refuse all tests, or had a warrant granted to involuntarily remove a blood specimen, you need a Frisco DWI Attorney that knows the ropes and will aggressively fight for your rights.

Murray L. Bristol has been trained by experts that are certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer and assess Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. This special training gives him an in-depth understanding of what a police officer looks at when deciding to make a Frisco DWI or DUI arrest. Murray knows the law, science behind the tests, and all possible defenses.

If you’ve been charged, you’ll not only need a DWI lawyer in Frisco with an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system, but one who is passionate about obtaining the best possible outcome to your case. Don’t bargain just because an attorney tells you to. There are serious consequences associated with a DWI or DUI conviction. Sometimes taking your case to trial is the only available option if you want to try and keep your record clean.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Murray knows how DWI cases are charged, how the prosectution will present the facts, and if the case against you is weak or strong. He has obtainednumerous not guilty verdicts, reductions, and dismissals, and focuses the majority of his criminal defense practice on drunk driving defense.

You deserve the best. Call (214) 880-9988 for a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced Frisco DWI lawyer now!

Murray L. Bristol assists those charged with the following alcohol and drug crimes: