Dallas and Tarrant County to ramp up DWI enforcement next few weeks.

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Dallas and Tarrant County to ramp up DWI Enforcement next few weeks

The holiday season is upon us and there will be lots of families and friends getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex.  While it is not illegal to drink alcohol and drive, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated in the State of Texas.  Therefore, it is important to know that law enforcement is encouraging the public to spread the word that it will ramp up DWI enforcement over the next few weeks by increasing the number of officers on the street to stop people who are driving while intoxicated (“DWI”).  So hopefully this warning will discourage people from making bad decisions by getting in their car and driving after drinking too much alcohol. As an attorney that defends people who have been arrested for DWI, I can say that it is much cheaper and safer to call a taxi or have a designated driver.  (See penalties for DWI)  So please enjoy the holidays by making good decisions during this special time of the year.  Connect with Murray on Google+

Source: Dallas Morning News